Press a to play and restart .Press arrows to move.Touch Sand to go next level and dont touch asids , black walls and lighting.



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This game was created before Unexpected Jam started, so unfortunately this can't be submitted. Thanks!

This game took me into the life of a fish with the art and sfx. Great work on this! I had fun and kept going until I couldn't anymore

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like it :)


Haha it's the same two levels over and over again! This is very inkeeping with the "bad art" format, but it's difficult to tell where the blue walls are against the blue backdrop! Please check out my entry to this game jam, it's "Duck Surf DX" on my page.


thanks for your comment and recommendation he has fixed the lines and added real level. I m his father, he is only 7 years old, your comment made him very happy. Thanks for your feed back.

Wow! This is really good for 7! I definitely wasn't this good at making games when I was 7, so I'm very impressed. The new levels are clear and exciting and challenging, I enjoyed trying to get through them! I finished it in the end, and it was very rewarding. Top notch game.