I'm 8 years old and I like making games.If you support me I'll be happy :)

Hey guys My name is Kingprotr46.I am a scratcher and I like making games.I have coders in my brain.They helps me to coding.one day a ghost came and they kidnap my coders.help coders to go my brain.

press i to skip intro
dont touch lava.
Jump to yellow for bounce
Move with arrows
use your fingers in mobile


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Ah yes SCRATCH the greatest programming language

Nice game too, very good movement curious to see the screenshot of the blocks that do that :)

Short and challenging platformer with interesting controls. Also, it'd be great if you add more levels with different characters and different controls :)

Hey. I made a video about the Unexpected Jam and decided to include your game into the video. I like it. I did not expect anything at all in this game. lol I did not even expect that I would finish it that way. Also, I love the music. If you want me to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos for such developers like you every day. I will be happy if you subscribe.


Thanks Im 8 years old and Im game dev you made me happy for playing my games :)


Kingprotr46, nice job. It is very impressive. I enjoyed playing your game. =D